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Workshop Programme

Online group business coaching

group business coaching

Looking for business support and advice but not sure whether 121 coaching is right for you?  Group coaching might be the answer - you get many of the benefits for a lower investment.

Be part of a group of supportive fellow business owners who are dealing with the same challenges as you.  Discuss and get solutions to these issues with guidance from an experienced business mentor and develop your management skills and business confidence.  Plan for your business month-by-month and be motivated to stick to that plan by your peers and your mentor.

This workshop programme is based on a unique business growth model  - The Scalable Business Roadmap©.  This gives you a step-by-step approach to growing your business. The programme not only teaches you the vital techniques to grow your business but will also show you how to apply them for real month-by-month.  Working with other business owners to solve your business problems with the support and guidance of an experienced business coach is a great way to develop your business skills.

group business coaching

group business coaching

Learn how to:

  • Set and communicate a clear direction for your business
  • Implement a winning strategy
  • Make your marketing measurably more effective
  • Develop a predictable, repeatable sales process
  • Delegate so employees are more productive and your time is freed up
  • Measure and improve customer service
  • Understand the finances of your business and make better decisions
  • Develop a quick and simple business plan and make better decisions
  • Implement Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and control your business easily

Each workshop also includes:

  • A business surgery.  Work out solutions to your immediate business problems with the help of the business mentor and the rest of the group
  • A business planning session.  Incorporate the workshop learning into your business action plan
  • Access to online resources that build on the workshop materials
group business coaching

You can also opt for these additional benefits:

  • Email and telephone support from the mentor between meetings
  • A quarterly one-on-one coaching session with the mentor where you’ll get direct help with your business issues
  • Membership which includes your business partners or co-directors (associate membership)

New members get a 121 coaching, planning and orientation session with the mentor before they start the programme.

Who should join?

This coaching and support programme is perfect for owners and directors of businesses of up to 25 employees who want to benefit from high-quality but affordable business coaching in order to grow their business.

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