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Choosing a business coach is a big step. Making it work is as much about trust and chemistry as it is about the coach's business knowledge.

I work with my clients on a rolling basis where we only continue if we are both happy with things - there is no programme or minimum contractual period.  Even so, starting a coaching relationship is commitment on both sides.

This introductory coaching session is a way for us to see whether we would like to work together.

You can tell me about your business, how you got to where you are today, where you want to take things and what you think the challenges will be.

If you are happy to, we'll explore one or two of those challenges together and discuss what the solutions might look like and how other business owners have overcome similar problems - or perhaps how I did so whilst running a business.

You can ask me anything you want to about my background, working with me, how coaching actually works and how it has helped business owners similar to you.

There is no obligation. Just give me a call or use the widget below to book a slot that suits you - I look forward to having a chat!

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