Why employees don’t listen

Friday, August 18th, 2017

A client is making great strides with his systemisation – but he was a little disappointed with the results of a recent planning meeting with his managers – he thinks his employees don’t listen.

They went through the business plan and discussed every manager’s one number.

Sales have one number to hit.  Design have one number to hit.  Service have one number to hit.

Later that week he was coaching one manager on a more effective way to get something done “…in order to hit your number.”  Blank look.

“You know – what we talked about last week?”

“Oh yeah, I have that plan somewhere.”

Exit business owner, head in hands.

When we talked about it I suggested that, like Gary Larson’s The Far Side cartoon dog, when you are starting to develop people in a small business to take accountability they only really understand their name.  They are not stupid but you are talking an alien language.

I suggested that he

  • Repeat how and why he wanted things to work at every opportunity;
  • Review performance with each manager each month as a matter of routine;
  • Hold another planning review in three months and ask his managers to discuss their performance

Getting the message over and making change stick takes time.

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