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Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

I spent some time yesterday talking to a client who has big plans for his business.

He recognises that he must change the way he manages and find a way to get things done through other people.  That’s why he has started to systemise his business.

We spent time talking about the performance of his team and how he wants to use a computer system to track who is supposed to be doing what.  He is keen to put KPIs and targets in place.

I asked him about his vision and strategy for the business and he said he had created a vision statement.  I asked if he had involved his team in drawing this up and he said not – but he planned to tell them what is is when the time is right.  He thought this might be when he gave them their job descriptions.

The point of the story is that your actual vision (and strategy and KPIs) are almost irrelevant.  It is the involvement of your staff in developing a shared view of the world that is critical.  Once you have got people to realise that their opinion is vital and that they share responsibility for the direction and performance of the business it is easy to change the detail if necessary.

If you’d like to learn more about transitioning to a systemised business then this event might interest you.

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