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Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

Want to read two excellent books about contrasting approaches to systemising your business?

“Traction”, by Gino Wickman, describes this approach:

  • Vision – make sure all your employees understand and share your vision for the business
  • People – make sure you have the right people in the right seats
  • Data – make sure your business is controlled using KPIs
  • Issues – have a problem-solving process
  • Process – document how things are done
  • Traction – have a management routine

“Scaling Up”, by Verne Harnish, describes this approach:

  • People – leading, attracting, coaching
  • Strategy – values, purpose and planning
  • Execution – objectives, KPIs, management routine
  • Cash – cash flow, profitability, funding growth

I hesitate to put my own approach, systemisation, in the same blog as these published authors and serial entrepreneurs but, encouraged by the similarities (and perhaps even more by the differences) here goes:

“Systemisation”, by Nick Bettes*

  • Mindset – the way the beliefs and attitude required to scale up a business differ from those required to start it and get to your first 5-10 employees
  • Purpose – making vision, strategy and objectives explicit
  • Systemisation – creating your cash-generation machine using structure, processes, systems and KPIs
  • Engagement – making your employees happier and more productive

If you would like to find out more about systemising your business then this event is for you.

*Um – not actually a book yet – but download the white paper here

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