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Thursday, November 30th, 2017

One of the things that makes business coaching so interesting and rewarding is the sheer range of problems the coach is faced with. Each coaching meeting is approached with a sense of anticipation and each coaching conversation is unique and challenging.

Systemisation coaching is at the consultancy end of the spectrum and is largely pattern-recognition followed by solution discussion and selection. Even though every client is unique one would expect some issues to come up repeatedly over time.

This is largely how systemisation (as defined here) has evolved – it is a framework that distils the combined problems and solutions of hundreds of coaching assignments with the owners of growing businesses employing between five and twenty employees.

The essence of the systemisation approach is that to grow a business beyond what the owner can directly control they need to get things done through others. To do this everyone needs to be clear about four things:

  • What the business is trying to achieve (vision and strategy);
  • Who does what (accountability);
  • When things need to happen (planning);
  • How things are done (process)

It turns out that most businesses this size are not at all clear about these things and that is the reason they get stuck.

This distillation of the problem leads to a distilled solution – the Systemisation Roadmap. The same fourteen interventions (or a subset of them) can be applied time after time to stuck businesses to get them growing again.

This approach may give the impression of the coach having a hammer and seeing everything as a nail. However, used as a starting point and guide for a coaching assignment with the right business it is extremely effective when deployed alongside other appropriate coaching and business techniques.

In practice, results are heavily dependent upon the client’s mindset and success relies on the coach finding a way to help the client internalise and commit to the process. This is sometimes very easy – and sometimes not.

If you would like more detail on how to apply the Systemisation Roadmap then you should register for this seminar.

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