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Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

First the health warning:  Just because there is a graph in this post about SME growth and leadership doesn’t mean it’s science.

I have been developing a new self-assessment tool for business owners who work with me.  It seemed sensible to look back at previous clients and derive a range of factors from that experience.  I felt that this would help people just starting out on systemising their business to think constructively about their own strengths and weaknesses.

Evaluating the eighty or so business owners I have worked with and jotting down in each case what behaviours and abilities helped them grow their business beyond the micro level I came up with fourteen attributes.  I also rated each business as low growth, medium growth or high growth.

Thanks to Excel (how did we work before Excel?) I was then able to produce this graph:

It is sequenced by the size of the gap between the average rating of the low growth and the high growth businesses.

Now even though I’m sure that what might generously be called the methodology, and therefore the result, is riddled with my own biases and assumptions I was still surprised by it.  If I had been asked to rank these factors prior to this I would certainly have had organisation and planning nearer the top.  I’d have had entrepreneur much lower down, in the belief that working for an out-and-out entrepreneur can be wearing and confusing.  I’d probably have had drive near the bottom; of course business owners need drive but too much means that they are unable to delegate.

The encouraging thing is that all these attributes can be worked on and improved, as can the business owner’s focus.   If you’d like to learn more about how and more generally how systemisation enables business growth then you should register for our latest seminar.

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