Sales generosity

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

I was struck recently by the contrasting sales fortunes of two of my clients.

They both started in the same place – a familiar place for many business owners – they were the only people in the business who could successfully sell. Both businesses had had a succession of salespeople who had failed so the founder in each case was still carrying the sales burden.

Clearly there are all sorts of differences in the businesses – sector, sales process, the people hired, the training they received, marketing support. However, one of my clients has now made this crucial transition from Salesman to Managing Director (in fact not just in title) while the other is still trapped.

The key difference?  Sales generosity.

The one who is changing started to give the best leads to his salespeople.  Those of you in Sales will recognise the mind-shift this involved.  Even when you are the shareholder and benefit from all sales, as a salesperson your instinct is to hoard leads and protect your contacts.  It takes insight and self-awareness to start behaving as a coach and focus on the success of others and most of us don’t see that.  It takes trust to let someone else run with the latest opportunity from your best customer.

So maybe if you are faced with this problem you should start by asking yourself how generous you are with sales.

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