Management – a dirty word?

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

Comparing and contrasting usually offers insights.

Comparing the progress my clients make on systemising their business has led me to try to identify the common factors that help or hinder this process – business systemisation factors.

The things that the quicker systemisors have in common?

  • They are good communicators, good with staff
  • They prioritise and complete tasks quickly, even though they are as busy as all other business owners are
  • They take an organised approach to life – even if the way they organise things is idiosyncratic and inefficient
  • They manage stress well
  • They understand that a systemised business requires fundamental change that starts between their ears – it is not just a quick fix that other people apply to their business for them
  • They may not be particularly creative

You might argue that these attributes are those of people who are managers, not leaders or entrepreneurs.  Perhaps the insight here is that business owners and entrepreneurs have to learn to become managers to continue to grow their business beyond their personal resources and capabilities.

Most commentators laud entrepreneurship and leadership whilst being rather disdainful of management.  The truth is that you need to learn or acquire both if you want to grow your business – and ultimately the great businesses are simply those that are well organised.

Management – a dirty word?

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