Immigration and business growth

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

I heard two contrasting stories last week.

The first was from a business owner.  Not just any business – a manufacturing business.  Not just any manufacturing business but one that exports 90% of what it makes.  The kind of business growth that the UK needs.

He and his fellow-directors want to retire in a few years – but don’t know who to pass the business to.  They have struggled over the years to bring in younger staff to develop into their successors.  Those that they have hired often don’t last long; the last one just rang in one day to say he didn’t want to continue getting up early to go to work and was getting a job in a pub.

That evening I saw an interview with a man in the refugee camp at Calais.  He had risked imprisonment to escape from Syria, had found his way across several borders, got to Calais and was about to make yet another attempt to jump a train or truck to Britain – risking his life again in the process.

Which one of these people do you want working in your company?

So which of these types of people do we need in the UK?

Maybe immigration isn’t the problem.  Maybe the problem is that our country is carrying too many home-grown passengers and we are blocking the natural mechanisms for replacing them.

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