Great strategy – why don’t your staff buy into it?

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

A client of mine hired me because his staff weren’t performing up to his expectations.

He’s a smart cookie and has been running a modestly successful business for many years.

He’d read The E-Myth and implemented strong processes.

His strategy was well thought-out and he’d taken all his staff out of the office for a day to present it.

He had implemented Investors in People.

But…productivity was low, staff attrition was high and errors were rife.  My client spent most of his time correcting the work of his staff before it could go to clients.

I asked him if he had seen a recent programme about car production and how assembly-line teams in the top factories invented their own ways to improve their work.  Who did he think spotted errors there?  The customers?  No.  The QC Department?  They don’t have one.  Management?  Wrong again.  Then he got it – the assembly team did.  They set their own sky-high standards, monitor their team’s performance and drive quality.  It’s a source of pride.

He’s gone away to think about how he can stop interfering and give his staff ownership of their work.

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