What is your excuse for not systemising your business?

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

One of my clients was struggling to systemise her business.

We’d worked through how to set a simple 12-month budget and how to develop her pricing model.

Despite promises she hadn’t made any progress on these between meetings. When we discussed this her initial response was that she had been too busy. Further probing got to the truth – she was scared of numbers and had never been shown how to use a spreadsheet and so she had avoided doing what was necessary.

She acknowledged that without systemisation her business would never amount to much more than a job for her and part-time employment for a couple of contractors – but with it her products had potential to create a significant business.

An hour or so of hands-on coaching in Excel whilst she actually started building her budget and pricing model transformed her attitude and confidence.

The (re)learning points for me?

  • If you don’t systemise a business it can’t grow – even if the demand is there;
  • You have to be comfortable with numbers and simple IT tools to run a business;
  • Sometimes “being too busy” is just an excuse for not facing up to our fears.
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