Business workshops, events and seminars in Reading Berkshire

Attendees to our events will typically be the owners of SMEs employing from 5 to 20 people who want to make fundamental and far-reaching change to the way they run their business in order to achieve a step-change in performance and allow the business to enter its next phase of growth.

Here is what previous attendees have said:

“Every section of the seminar highlighted exactly how I felt and pinpointed where I needed to change”

“Really helped refocus my thinking about direction”

“An eye-opening morning looking at simple strategies that, as business owners, we should all be using”

“...We now have proper systems in place, reliable data we can use and most importantly a clear vision of where we are going […] It is no coincidence that we are closing our best business month ever…” 


Our business systemisation seminars are run along boardroom lines. We keep the number of attendees small (typically 6-8 people) so that everyone gets some airtime and the content and conversation can be adjusted to suit the needs of attendees.

Each attendee receives a workbook that provides a framework for applying the seminar content to systemise your business.

Upcoming Seminars


Many business owners value the techniques and insights we provide but want to access these things from a location and time of their choosing

For this reason we run a rolling programme of free webinars.

Our webinars run along similar lines to our seminars, with attendees each provided with a workbook that ensures you can apply the techniques you learn straight away in your own business.

Upcoming Webinars

Small Business Leadership

Leadership is the single most important factor in determining business success.

The good news is that leadership can be learnt.  In this webinar you will learn:

  • How leadership impacts business performance
  • The importance of communication for leaders
  • How to create a compelling Purpose
  • How to make your employees accountable for results
  • How to improve employee performance

Like all our webinars, it is hands-on and practical rather than theoretical.  You will start developing your leadership thinking in the webinar and go away with a workbook that you can start applying immediately in your business.

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Small Business Productivity

Struggling to get and keep the right employees?

For most business owners like you this is the single biggest headache they have.

The sales oportunities for growth are there – but you are stuck because you can’t deliver any more.

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to hire more people to grow. Most businesses have massive untapped capacity with their current headcount.

Want to find out how to release this potential in your business? This is the webinar for you. In just an hour you’ll learn:

  • Why businesses like yours stop growing
  • Three simple tactics to unlock the productivity in your business
  • Three fundamental strategies to build a business that grows without hiring more people
  • Three steps to getting your employees motivated and on your side

You’ll apply this learning to your own business using the webinar workbook and leave the event geared up to apply this straight away.

One hour of your time could make a massive difference to the future of your business.

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