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Webinar: Escape From the Owners Trap

Learn how to avoid the stress and frustration of working longer and longer hours in your business  while growth tails off.

Many business owners get stuck.  They grow their business for a while and then start to become the bottleneck in their business.

Your business is bigger but still reliant on you.  There are more decisions to be made, opportunities to be pursued, orders to be fulfilled - but you still only have 24 hours in your day.  There's a queue outside your door, your inbox is full and your phone never stops ringing.  Every new thing you take on means something else gets delayed or dropped.  Your time is consumed by things you know you shouldn't be doing but you can't find a way out.  Growth is slowing or stopped.

You have reached your revenue ceiling.  You are in the Owners' Trap.

Your employees are willing but somehow they don't understand what you understand.  They need to be constantly hand-held.  If you don't get involved, things go wrong.  You are starting to worry that your hard-earned reputation is being affected by mistakes.

Both you and your employees are starting to feel frustrated at running harder and harder to stand still.

Here is some good news - you can change things!  You can make your business scalable and less reliant on you.  You can make your employees accountable, self-motivated and productive.

These business owners did:

“We have seen a quantifiable increase in sales, our systems and processes are more efficient, and we now have higher trained, more motivated staff.[...]comprehensive analysis of all areas of our business has enabled us to restructure the way we work, enabling a focus on our business goals.” Steve Hiscox, Litenow

_“[...]has been really beneficial [...] has allowed the team to take ownership of and flourish in their roles [...] allowed us to grow the business in a controlled and sustainable way [...] has boosted sales and efficiency [...] allow me time to manage the business.” Robert Ryall, Creepers Nurseries

In this webinar we'll explain how to free yourself from the owners trap and make your business scalable :

  • How to create a clear purpose
  • How to improve quality and productivity
  • How to engage and motivate staff

Is removing the revenue ceiling for your business worth an hour of your time?  It was for these business owners: 

_“[...]has been extremely productive [...] and has resulted in significant improvements in the way my business operates, directly affecting retained bottom line profit. [...] concept of the process driven business with clearly defined systems and processes is a breath of fresh air.” Richard Hopper, Isis AV?_“

"[...] helped me to create the proper scaffolding required for the smooth running of a rapidly developing business. Using a more systemised approach releases me from sinking beneath the weight of too many different demands and thereby allows me to run a rapidly growing business and also to focus on business development.”_ MD, Software Development Business

We limit the number of attendees to make the event interactive and to make sure everyone gets to discuss and relate the material to their own business.  We'll be covering:

  • How to implement structure, processes and measurements so that your staff are more productive and motivated
  • How you can set objectives and delegate tasks knowing that they will be carried out to the right standard;
  • How to capture the essence of what makes your business different and better and turn this into procedures that you can get other people to follow;
  • How to get things done through others and develop your employees into an effective team;
  • How to eliminate over-reliance on you and your time
  • How to use your business plan to set targets and measure progress;

 You can see why we call our events "intense"!

Places are limited.  Book now.

Nick Bettes has been improving the performance of businesses for decades.  He works with the owners of growing businesses who want to achieve even more and recognise that they need some help to do so.

Date: 11-Oct-2022

Starts: 09:30 Ends: 10:30

Location: Online

Price: £ 0.00