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Webinar: Systemise Your Business

You run a business employing between 5 and 25 people.

You've grown your business successfully to where it is today and you want to keep it growing - but things are starting to get more complicated.

You are employing more staff but they don't always seem to be doing the right things.

You have a clear vision for the future in your head but can't seem to turn this into a plan and communicate it to people.

You are making money but you are not sure whether you could be making more.

It feels as if nothing gets done properly unless you get involved - and there aren't enough hours in the day.

You are reaching the point where some businesses break through to further growth - but most don't.

The difference is that businesses that break through are systemised.  They are scalable systems designed to deliver growth and cash.  Those that don't break through are just extensions of the owner's job.

This event gives you a roadmap to follow to systemise your business.  It will help you clarify for you and your employees:

  • What the organisation is trying to achieve
  • Who is (or should be) responsible for what (hint:  it shouldn't be you)
  • When things are supposed to happen
  • How things are done

An hour of your time could make a massive difference to the future of your business - here are some comments from previous event attendees:

"Every section of the seminar highlighted exactly how I felt and pinpointed where I needed to change"

"Really helped refocus my thinking about direction"

"An eye-opening morning looking at simple strategies that, as business owners, we should all be using"

"...We now have proper systems in place, reliable data we can use and most importantly a clear vision of where we are going [...] It is no coincidence that we are closing our best business month ever..." 

Register now - places are strictly limited.

Nick Bettes has been improving the performance of businesses for decades.  He works with the owners of growing businesses who want to achieve even more and recognise that they need some help to do so.

Date: 30-Jan-2024

Starts: 09:30 Ends: 10:30

Location: Online

Price: £ 0.00

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