Employee Engagement

Monday, March 10th, 2014

What is employee engagement?

An engaged employee is one who is committed to the aims of the organisation, who believes in its values, feels part of a team and so wants to give more than the bare bones of the employment contract or the task in hand calls for. These are the employees who make the difference between success and failure; as a business owner it is critical that you develop an engaged workforce.

What factors influence employee engagement?

  • Trust – in the organisation, their colleagues and their line manager
  • Respect – for their colleagues, the abilities of their line manager, the aims of the organisation and the needs of customers
  • Involvement – in the planning and control of their activities within an overall understanding of the aims of the organisation
  • Being listened to – two-way communication about their role and wider organisational issues
  • Accountability – for the output of their efforts
  • Support and resources – so that they can do a good job
  • Pride – in their abilities and achievements and those of their team and the organisation as a whole
  • Confidence – that they are valued by their line manager, peers and the organisation; that they care about the employee
  • Opportunity – to grow, to develop their skills and career, to earn more and to achieve their potential
  • Recognition – for their achievements
  • Fairness – even-handedness from their line manager and the organisation

How do you increase employee engagement?

  • Be clear, consistent and explicit about the vision, values and objectives of the organisation
  • Don’t leave communication to chance – put in place regular two-way forums from individual appraisals through team briefings to (in larger organisations) webinars and roadshows
  • Put the management framework in place – clear reporting lines, job descriptions, appraisal schemes
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