Do I make myself clear?

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

Recently I attended a client’s management meeting.  His business is growing and he has promoted someone to run the field engineering team, a job he previously did himself.

Before the meeting my client had expressed two concerns:  Firstly, that the new manager was not spending enough time on the engineering part of the role (the portion that earned the company money) and too much time in the office.  Secondly that the attitude of the field engineers, and perhaps the quality of their work, had deteriorated now that my client was no longer directly “on their case”.

During the meeting the management team discussed the business plan and budget and my client explained how critical it was to maintain productivity and quality levels as the business grew.  He exhorted the new Engineering Manager to “get out there” and to “leave the office stuff to me”.   I could see that the manager, normally positive and engaged, was becoming unsure and uncommunicative.

After the meeting I suggested that new managers need quite detailed guidance that connects their activities to the business plan.  We discussed how my client could help him produce a daily/weekly/monthly planner, review his job description, develop some checklists (for instance for toolbox talks and quality checks) and agree some simple measurements that would tell them both how the field team were performing.

As the owner of a growing business, delegating more and more of what you used to do, it is incumbent on you to go beyond exhortation when leading your new team.  It is your responsibility to find ways to communicate effectively – to make yourself clear.

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