Developing your management team

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

One of the many differences between a small business and one that is growing into a medium-sized one is the collective nature of responsibility at the top level.

In a small business the owner takes all the major decisions.  Employees with the title of “manager” or even “director” do not see it as their role to question the leader – he or she owns the business after all.  The leader is expected by others to have all the answers – and probably sees that as their function themselves.  Employees may not have the information or skills to contribute much to decision-making anyway.

This is a pretty fundamental barrier to growing beyond a certain size – that is, the size where the owner is able to know and control everything.

Contrast this with larger businesses – those businesses that have broken through the owner-manager barrier.  Here, there is a group of people tasked with running the business; the Board, or the Exec Team, or the Management Team.   The owner still leads the team and the business but his or her focus has changed to one of direction-setting, facilitation and coaching rather than decision-making and doing.

The people on the team may been hired as the business grew but often they have grown with the business – so they are the same people who didn’t know much about managing a business a few years before.

The question is why and how do some businesses make this transition whilst the majority never do?

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