Being able to sell should be a core skill for any business owner – but most have never had any formal sales training or worked in sales. Many find the idea of selling tacky or scary or both.

Even those business owners who enjoy selling and who are good at it may struggle to explain exactly how they achieve sales results. This means they have problems when they try to recruit or devekop new sales people as the business grows.

In this course we explain how to structure your selling as a process for helping clients. Repositioning it this way means that you can approach it with a positive mindset and gain confidence from following a repeatable series of steps – and of course, this translates to results.

In this course you’ll develop your own process for successful selling in your market.

Note: The course assumes some kind of person-to-person selling takes place and is not suitable if your business is entirely online, automated sales.

Course Details

Course Audience

SME owners and their management team.

Course Objective

To teach attendees how to create a sales process for their business which is repeatable, successful and a positive experience for both parties.

Course Content

  • Introduction
    • What do we think of when we hear the word “sales”?
    • What result are you looking for?
  • The Sales Process
    • Your sales pipeline
    • Your sales ratios
    • Sales reporting
  • Preparing to Sell
    • Your marketing story
    • Good salespeople qualify well
  • The Sale
    • Your sales meeting structure
    • Intelligent questioning builds desire
    • Asking for the business
    • Review and learn

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course you will:

  • Have a defined sales process for your business
  • Have a defined set of qualification criteria
  • Have a defined sales meeting structure

Course Tutor

Nick Bettes is a management consultant and author.

He has held senior positions in the corporate world and since 2009 has been helping small and medium-sized businesses to apply the performance-enhancing techniques used by these bigger companies.

Nick is particularly interested in scalability, productivity and leadership.

Course Dates and Times

This is an in-house course for the leadership team of an SME. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The course runs over one day.

This is a live, interactive, online group course run over Zoom. During the course, attendees will complete a workbook that surfaces different perspectives and relates the learning to the business and their role in it.

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