Marketing is the engine of growth in any business. It is strange then that it tends to be the least-well managed part of many organisations.

In order to manage anything well you need a clear, quantifiable definition of what you are trying to achieve – and it is here, on step one, that many people go wrong. Marketing is all too often a “spray and pray” activity.

You also need absolute clarity and focus on who buys your product and why, and where and when they are most likely to read your message and do something about it.

In this course you’ll develop this solid platform for your marketing and tunr it into a Marketing Plan.

Note: This course does not go into detailed usage or technical details of any social media or other systems.

Course Details

Course Audience

SME owners and their management team.

Course Objective

To teach attendees how to market their products and services effectively and create a plan to make it happen.

Course Content

  • Introduction
    • What do we mean by marketing?
    • What result are we looking for?
  • The Marketing Framework
    • Your niche
    • Their pain
    • Your solution
    • Triggers and context
  • The Marketing Process
    • Marketing as a system
    • Defining your required outcome
    • Evaluating channels
    • Marketing ROI
  • Creating a Marketing Plan
    • Defining activities
    • Sourcing the skills
    • Your CRM
    • Reviews

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course you will:

  • Understand how to define your niche and proposition
  • Understand how to run marketing as a system
  • Have started to create a marketing plan to make it happen

Course Tutor

Nick Bettes is a management consultant and author.

He has held senior positions in the corporate world and since 2009 has been helping small and medium-sized businesses to apply the performance-enhancing techniques used by these bigger companies.

Nick is particularly interested in scalability, productivity and leadership.

Course Dates and Times

This is an in-house course for the leadership team of an SME. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The course runs over one day.

This is a live, interactive, online group course run over Zoom. During the course, attendees will complete a workbook that surfaces different perspectives and relates the learning to the business and their role in it.

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