Brexit means …err..

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

At a recent networking event I attended the speaker, a business representative to the EU, asked the business owners present what they wanted from Brexit.  She was confronted by a sea of blank faces.  This was hardly surprising as we’d just listened to her explain for fifteen minutes that no-one involved in Brexit at Westminster or Brussels has a clue what Brexit will look like.

So the uncertainty may be large and self-inflicted but good businesses will do what they always do; focus on providing a better solution to a burning problem, do this in an efficient and organised way, spread the risk, stay flexible, and respond to change quickly.  After all, dealing with uncertainty is what business is all about.

Key to achieving this resilience and flexibility is having a strong and effective management team around you.  Such teams make better decisions than individuals do – even you.  Developing your team cannot be left to chance; you need to work on it and you need a model.

If you’d like to understand how to develop your top team then sign up for this event.  Just in case Brexit doesn’t mean what you think it means (whatever that is).

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